Alesya Bags Launch ~ Today is the day!

If you’ve attended a Charleston Ladies Who Lunch tweetup, then you’ve already met the lovely and talented Alesya Opelt of Alesya Bags.  We’ve been a fan of Alesya’s since the very first time we met her.  She told us about how she was working on a stylish laptop bag for women.  We were instantly intrigued. Sounds like something pretty amazing, especially for many of our business “Ladies Who Lunch”.  In fact, a stylish laptop bag  sounds perfect for just about every lady we know! Busy moms, college students, career execs, you-name-it. 

Well, today is the BIG day for Alesya and Alesya Bags.  Her stylish laptop bag launches to the WORLD! This is not your ordinary laptop bag.  It’s the kind that will have you dreaming about it! it’s the kind of bag that you’ll have to get in more than one color because you just can’t choose only one of the super-sophisticated-and-sassy color choices. 

Ready for more? Click over to Alesya’s brand-new (as in launched TODAY) website to look at even more great pics of this delightful, gotta-have-it, must-have bag.  Can you tell we kinda like it?  ;) 

Since we know you’re a socially connected kind-of-girl, here’s where else you can find the fab Alesya / Alesya Bags:
Alesya on Twitter ~ Alesya’s Blog ~  Alesya on Facebook

~ Laura